Thursday, March 28, 2013

Meal plan- April

These last few months we've experimented with a couple different diets- gluten-free and Paleo. As my instagram photos indicate, we have veered from these paths a bit- you've got to live a little, right? But, overall I've enjoyed a number of the recipes and plan to incorporate some in this month's plan.

I also plan to try my hand at homemade corn tortillas. They seem so easy to make! I just need to buy this tortilla press and this corn masa to start. I'm also digging around for a homemade, whole grain, spinach tortilla recipe. If you have one please share!


Paleo 5 min muffins
Breakfast Burritos
Sugar and Spice doughnuts (GF)
Penny's apple-brown sugar coffee cake(GF)
Breakfast quesadilla
Orange glazed muffins
Eggs and turkey bacon


Healthy taquitos
GF Pasta with broccoli, lemon juice, olive oil, garlic
Cod with roasted veggies
English muffin pizza
PB and honey sandwiches
Grilled cheese
Chicken salad


Chicken nachos
Beef taco salad
Carne asada tacos
Mexican crockpot
Turkey meatballs with GF pasta
Baked potatoes and egg
Salad with grilled chicken (we will eat this a couple times)
Light BBQ pizza
California BLT's
Brussel sprout hash with eggs
Pasta with balsamic butter and roasted broccoli
Grilled burritos
Healthy crunchy honey mustard chicken and mashed cauliflower
Garlic pesto chicken with tomato cream sauce
Grilled veggie fajitas
Chicken taco salad
Chicken and veggie hobo packets on the Grill (we will eat this a couple times)


Veggie straws
Bananas and PB
Strawberries with sugar
Fruit smoothies
Dark chocolate almond milk

There you have it!

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  1. I am MAKING myself meal plan again asap!
    It makes life so much easier :)