Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Recap via pictures

First, let me say I know I haven't blogged much lately. My computer's been dead for some time, making blogging almost impossible. But, I think we've found a solution, which should arrive tomorrow. Fingers crossed.
I do have some fun news to share! Hopefully all goes as planned tomorrow and I get to fill you in :)

Here are some pictures to get us up to speed, minus Easter day. Of course. Those will be up as soon as my computer is resurrected (ha ha).

Easter egg dye party at Nana's

Nana got him a new bear that he clearly loves

They figured out they can whistle through the veggie straw

Daddy/baby cuddles. Yes, Avery is 15 months and still takes an occasional bottle. Or 3.

For $12 I got all of these!
Avery hates wearing shoes so this was the perfect solution to try different styles without spending a small fortune.
I got them at a Kids Closet Consignment sale.

Bray loves to eat apples, but only if they're sitting in water
Crazy kid.

Baby bear is napping, says Bray

Good Friday truth

Me and the misses

About to head to our Saturday Easter festivities at my parents.
Oh, hey, Giuliana

so. much. sass.

My mom got these gems at an estate sale for Avery. I love them.

Romaine, peas, red onion, parm, balsamic, and ranch dressing = de.li.cious


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