Monday, October 8, 2012

Life as we know it

Me working today =  home life in disarray  
Just take a gander and judge for yourself how awesome our evening has been...

Clean clothes that have been there for three days and Amazon Mom purchases to be put away.
Mom, aren't you proud?
Avery has a leaf in her hand and mouth

This cutie went from this...
To this.

Not pictured: Bray in timeout 10 times. Our sink full of dirty dishes. Toys and clothes all over the house. Me walking around with crazy eyes. Avery knocking an entire cup of water on herself. Bray screaming because that was his water. Bray wetting himself, putting on his last pair of clean underwear- despite the pile of clean laundry. how does that happen?

Luckily, I had our chicken nachos in the crockpot so we had one thing going for us. 
Here's the recipe:

Chicken Nachos
3 frozen chicken breasts
1 can of rotel
salt and garlic powder
2 cans of black beans
1 onion, diced
2-4 cups of cheese
1. Put frozen chicken, rotel, and half the salsa in a crockpot. 
Generously salt and add garlic powder

2. Cook on low for 5-8 hours.

When I got home it looked like this

I shredded the chicken and added the diced onion, black beans,
the rest of the salsa, and covered with cheese. Let sit on low until cheese melts.
Normally, I dump the chicken mixture into a casserole dish, add the other ingredients and cook, uncovered, at 350 for 20 minutes. Not tonight.
Our goal was to dirty the least amount of dishes possible. 
           We usually eat this with tortilla chips and sour cream or Greek yogurt. Since I'm semi- dieting I usually crumble chips on top where as Bob uses the chips to scoop. Lucky.

We add toppings to our servings since we eat on the salad all week

Now this, this is the pinnacle of my efforts. It took everything I had to make this darn salad. Since I did not make a salad last week Bray had few vegetables (he only eats broccoli and salad) and I knew he needed this. As dumb as it sounds this is a major victory. 
Yes, we are that out of control.

Well, Avery is finally in bed and Bray is basically sitting on top of me.
One day, I'll look back on this evening and laugh. Right now, I just want a glass of wine and my husband to come home :)

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