Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Rest and getting healthy

Last week we soaked up the incredible weather (minus Sunday's snow- gah) and had amazing, celebratory gatherings with friends.

But this week we are resting.

No matter how much I love the people I spend time with or how many laughs we had, I need periods with little social interaction. I guess it's the introvert in me. So this week we are taking life slow and have very little planned. In fact, I'm staring at unfolded laundry from Monday's wash right now. Will I get to it today? Who knows. But I'm sure we will watch Frozen for the third time and cuddle on the couch.

Despite my laid back goals, I did get groceries and spent time meal prepping. Just call me an overachiever.

I prepared hardboiled eggs, a batch of veggie fried brown rice, a veggie cornbeef frittata, and cut lettuce for salads. I don't know if you noticed, but in my monthly meal plans (March can be found here) I only include 10-14 meals. That's because I fill in the rest of the month with leftovers, salads, or I create shop-my-pantry meals. But this month, due to hosting dinners and dishes with few leftovers, we are already out of meals. So I had to make another menu. It mostly consists of salads (chicken caesar, taco salad, veggie cobb- all with healthier dressings), veggie/meat omelets, and veggie fried rice. Because it's cheap and easy. Especially if you have a Costco membership. You get a ridiculous amount of veggies, salad mixes, and eggs at a great price there, which is important since we tend to not have much left in our grocery budget come the middle of the month. I also buy one or two of their rotisserie chickens, shred it, and place the meat in baggies. The kids love this and it's an easy way to eat quick and healthy- super important for this tired mama.

We are also slowly getting back to the gym. Bob's been trying to get up early before work and I started going in the evenings after the kids are in bed (with the exception of a few lunchtime workouts thanks to Bob coming home to eat). I don't know if you're like me, but it's been awhile since I've had a consistent weight lifting routine. Because of this, I'm using a JEFit  workout (an app on my iphone), at least until I get used to lifting (there's a women's strength training and beginners women routine that are good). I'm shooting for 4 days a week, but will give myself grace. If Brooks had a hard night and the thought of going to the gym makes me want to vomit, I'm not going. However, I've told myself no more than 3 days between workouts. Now, will I listen to myself? To be determined.

I decided to track what I eat through fitness pal (an app on my iphone), as well. I may not do this long, since I tend to be a creature of habit and hate the idea of inputting everything I eat. But I want to do it for a couple weeks to relearn how many calories I'm consuming. I'm just not a fan of calorie counting, because eating whole is better than the zero calorie crap, but as an American who loves to eat, my portions can become quite inflated. This also keeps me from eating too little since I'm still nursing.

On a different note. We hosted dinner at our house Saturday night and I set up a lil' margarita station to go with our tacos. Nothing fancy. Just Costco pre-made marg mix, a water/sugar rim section, and frozen limes. It was delish. Not exactly part of the eating-healthy-train, but whatev.

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