Monday, March 31, 2014

"Set-ups," hilarity, and spring cleaning

Closets are cleaned out- minus hoarder Bob's. Consigned items sold and bought for the upcoming season. And we're a third of the way through our storage boxes- unpacking needed items, donating/garage sale-ing others. Spring cleaning has begun, ya'll! 

And I must say, progress feels good. No, it feels great! These last 5 months have been less about accomplishing to-do's and more about tending basic needs. Obviously, the latter is important, but my goodness it's taxing. Especially for this achiever.  

In addition to the cleaning, there's been some sweet moments with the kids. Avery's talking more. Well, it's mostly jibberish, but it's hilarious and constant none-the-less. I really love her personality, full of boisterous responses and dramatic facial expressions. And, while I've been laughing at Av's, I'm in awe of Braydon. He spends the majority of his day perfecting "set-ups." The kid is constantly building, from legos, to pyramids with pantry items, to pillow forts. Seeing his creations makes me smile.

I've got an early teether. Yay.
We like to let our children carry medicine around the house.

Saturday morning is my morning to sleep in, which means Daddy has baby duty AND breakfast duty.
He's a champ.

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  1. Your kids are so cute!!!
    I think I'm just going to skip Spring Cleaning this year. I can't even get started!!!