Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Getting healthy update

You guys, all is going great with my getting healthy plan! I know, I too am shocked.

It's honestly not been that hard. Mainly because I'm going easy on myself. The goal is to get to the gym, and push myself as much as I can for that day. I haven't been able to go four times a week like originally planned. But, when your gym doesn't have daycare and your husband works a lot, I'm grateful I'm getting three days in.

Oh, and the JEfit app has been wonderful! The female beginner routine was a perfect starter. I usually add a few old time fav's, but even with those I'm doing good on time (an hour workout, 15-20 min of interval cardio included).

Oh my. And calorie counting. Yikes. I'm so glad I spent a few days doing that. I'm not doing it anymore since our April menu looks a lot like the last few weeks: veggie fried rice, lots of salads, vegan protein shakes, rotisserie chick and veggies, veggie frittatas, and boiled eggs. Knowing how many calories I'm eating guides my portions and snack options. It's been super helpful.

I have a long way to go, but I'm loving the process and have been enjoying the benefits each workout brings.

You should add roasted red pepper humus to your veggie frittata. Delish.