Tuesday, March 18, 2014

St. Patrick's Day

We love St. Paddy's day around here.
Normally, you can find us dying everything green, with celebratory party decor, and festive activities. But not this time. We are just too tired.

We did, however, do a few things.

We started the morning with green pancakes, but instead of using our favorite homemade pancake recipe we used an instant gluten free mix. Not as good, but they did the job. We also hung Target $1 section window clings. Intense I know. The highlight of our day was attending my sister-in-law's St. Patrick's shindig. It was good seeing family and friends, while eating some of my favorite foods.

For funsies, here is a post from last year's St. Patrick's day.
And here a couple pictures from two St. Patrick's days ago. Avery was just 3 months old. Tear.

Here are a few pictures from this year.

Somebody get that girl a comb

10 Day Marriage challenge photo a day

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