Thursday, January 16, 2014

A house...or lack thereof

Well, folks...

After much prayer and discussion, Bob and I decided not to buy a house. At least not right now.
Instead, we used our savings to pay off our debts and we will continue to rent grandpa's house until we rebuild our savings, enough for a down payment on a home

We've wrestled with this decision from the beginning of our housing journey- to pay off debt or buy a house. (More about our journey here, here, herehere, and here). Knowing our debt was not reoccurring consumer debt, and that it would be gone in a couple of years per the current budget, we thought it was fine to continue our house hunt. But, the more we prayed and pursued potential homes, the more our desires changed.

And I'm so thankful they did, because it feels awesome to be DEBT FREE!!

Now, I know our decision will pose challenges as I learn to be ok in a house that's not my own, but I'm content. At least for today, praise Jesus. It helps that I've begun to settle into this place. I've rearranged furniture, began organizing, and pulled out a few bits of decor. There will be no painting or renovating while we're here, but I do have a few craft projects up my sleeve. Projects that will make this space feel cozy and suited to us, assuming I get to them before Brooks starts kindergarten.

Bob and I are really excited about this decision. We know it's an act of God's kindness as our entire marriage we've asked him to help us manage our money well. It's through our desires, lessons learned, hard work, failures, and ordained circumstances he's faithfully done so.

We have Him to thank for all of this and Him to rely on as we try not to screw it up.