Thursday, April 18, 2013

Decisions, decisions

Three weeks ago Bob and I decided to move.
We began the pre-qualification process, met with a real estate agent, freakishly drove around neighborhoods, and checked our Zillow app like it was our job.

There are lots of reasons why we felt it was time to move, reasons I won't bore you with.
However, last Friday we concluded it's best for us to stay put.


This was a hard pill to swallow.
We so desperately want to live amongst our community, but we equally want to be wise with our money and make a decision that benefits our family.

During the weeks building up to this decision, I remember feeling so uncertain. Uncertain of how to know what our next move is and when to make it. Then a friend told me, "give it time, more will be revealed."

She was right.

As we continued to ponder our next step, my gut and anxiety spoke loudly, as did the unfolding of our circumstances. Ultimately, it was an evening chat with friends that lead Bob and I to our final decision.

You know, through this decision making process I wasn't sure how God would answer our cries for direction. In the moment he felt so distant, but in hindsight I see Him clearly. He was using my emotions and Bob's logic to guide our thinking, leading friends to speak on His behalf, and He moved our circumstances to indicate where our money should go. All the pieces He orchestrated, in perfect timing and detail, led us to our right answer.

I just think that's so beautiful.
He could've spoken in a loud voice putting a stop to it all, but instead he cultivated patience and used our community.

I know. Your mind is blown at how awesome my chalkboard art is.

Cheers to the One who works everything out for His glory and our good.

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