Monday, July 29, 2013

We lost the house

Last week we officially lost the brick house.

The bank came back with a counter offer that was doable according to our budget, but we hadn't sold our house, so we had to walk away. On Wednesday we signed the cancellation papers and within three hours the house sold to a cash buyer. womp. womp.

Honestly, we are ok. We know God's character and we know he is good. It feels silly to get mad or doubt his plan, knowing who he is. Especially since we asked him to protect us from unwise decisions and all the unknowns that our mortal minds cannot foresee. Sure, we are sad, but there is a twinge of excitement that's come with the possibility of a new adventure.

The current plan is to keep our house on the market and wait. Once it sells, if it sells, we will begin to look at houses in Midtown again. In the meantime we will continue to enjoy our summer and rest. This fall will bring lots of changes. I'll begin preschool with Bray, and we will welcome our newest addition. Anyone who knows me, knows I'm excited to have another baby, but I'm as equally terrified. Should August be a slow, peaceful month I certainly won't complain.

Well... Goodbye, brick house. You were a great dream.

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