Monday, July 29, 2013


Drinking blueberry Kefir. Oh how I wish I was enjoying the rest of my Oddly Correct coffee instead.

Feeling grateful for God's provision. 

Appreciating the chance to stay home with my kiddos. It's the toughest thing I've ever done, but it's changing all of us for the better  (I hope?).

Reading Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood and Give Them Grace. 

Watching Bray throw ooze at his ninja turtle gang. "Mom,  LOOK! They're about to moo-tate." 

Going to "the woods" in two days. I can't. wait.

Starting to plan Bray's preschool activities for the fall.

Dreaming of a new camera and blog design. Now that it's been almost a year (since I started blogging),  I may stop relying on my iphone for all of my pictures and have this thing professionally designed. Before shelling out the money I wanted to prove to myself I'd keep it up. Since I like to start things and not finish them and all. 

Waiting for our house to sell. 

Praying for God to reveal more of Himself to my little family and direction. Lots and lots of direction.

Sleeping terribly. I could cry if I think about it too long. Damn, leg cramps. And tiny people that won't sleep through the night.  

Remembering to have perspective. Don't float through life. 

Wondering what life will look like with three kids. Lord, help us. 

Wearing boyfriend jeans (gap clearance), yellow tunic (old navy) over a grey tank top (gap), and Teva sandals.

Making Blueberry muffins. Well, I will be in about 30 minutes. 

Getting excited for the fall and welcoming a new life into our world. Not being pregnant also sounds awesome.  

Loving the rainy weather. 

Enjoying my husband. I mean, yesterday wasn't our best day (sorry, babe), but overall I can't get enough of him. 

Post inspired by LifeChasers.

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