Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sick baby

Thank you to everyone who has prayed for us these last few days! We've had so much support from text messages, FB/Instagram love, coffee drops, and meals. My mom has also been a huge help. She stayed with the kids while we were in the hospital, cleaned my house, and did our laundry. What a blessing everyone has been!

For those that don't know, we took Brooks to the ER on Thursday after a coughing/vomiting fit that caused him to quit breathing and turn blue. He'd been battling a terrible cough for a few weeks, a cough we've had looked at by his doctor several times. But, this specific episode did him in.

When we arrived to the hospital they admitted us, began running tests, and hooked B up to monitors. The whole thing was terrible.

Our first night there I stayed with Brooks while Bob went home to be with our other kids. At some point during the night, Brooks' oxygen levels dropped. Nurses came in and began getting him ready for an oxygen mask, but before they could do so he went into a coughing fit that led to more vomiting. They noticed his vomit was full of mucus (sorry- that's so gross). So they suctioned his nose and mouth. What a difference that made! His oxygen levels shot right up and we were able to avoid the oxygen mask all together.

Thankfully that was the one and only episode he had that required intervention. In fact, from that moment on he got better and better. Praise God.

A day and a half later we were able to go home. We found out he did not have whooping cough, but does have a virus. Most likely the same one his sister and dad are suffering from. The doctors explained that due to Brooks' age he can't cough up what he needs to to clear his airways, which is why it's effected him so much.

Since being home he's done pretty well. We have the occasional coughing fit that leads to vomit, but I'm beginning to think that's the best way his body can rid itself of the junk.

Please keep praying for him and us. Avery's struggling with her cough and no one is really sleeping. These moments are not fun, but I know God's grace is sufficient, especially in the ugly. I'm trying hard to cling to that truth, while soaking in the gratitude this experience has brought- I'm grateful to hold a baby that's no longer hooked up to monitors, I'm grateful to have three little ones to love, and I'm grateful for help when I need it.

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