Sunday, October 26, 2014

Red Barn Farm

This weekend has been timely and so very good for me:

The Royals consumed all of my free time and it's. been. awesome.
I took an hour nap.
I cleaned and organized our little areas.
I ate well. Like homemade pumpkin pop-tart and pigwhich well.
I also ate a Chipotle burrito that had me thanking Jesus with every bite.
Did I mention I got an hour nap?

We also went to Red Barn Farm in Weston, Mo. The weather could not have been more perfect: heavy fog in the morning, beautiful foliage, and amazing sunshine in the afternoon. It was fun having Brooks with us, too. He made his debut a week after we visited the farm last year and I must say, I prefer him on this side of the womb. fo sho.

As good as I was going to get
Grumpy chunk


That's quite the jump stance, sis

This was the first year the girls took off by themselves, tromping through the vines finding "baby punkins" 

Look at that sass

Arms crossed, waiting on Gigi. It's like she's a teenager or something 
Basically how we carried him the entire time
Best friends

So excited for pumpkin donuts. Just like the mama

She much preferred the apple slush.

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