Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween 2014

Most aspects of Halloween terrify my children. From the giant spider at target to the horrifying display of headless humans in a neighbor's yard- only in Independence, folks. They do love dressing up though, and for weeks I've heard, "Is it Halloween? I be brave (Avery was Merida)."

When the day finally arrived they were so excited, though we only made it to five houses before the kids were done trick or treating. It was cold and Brooks wasn't feeling well. Yet somehow they managed to bring home a bucketful of candy. Nooooo.

I for one am not a fan of Halloween candy. I know, I know. How can this be? I just prefer my sweet tooth be satisfied from baked goods and not paraffin wax chocolate bars. I also don't love the idea of my kids eating the stuff. So in an effort to thwart their endless plea's for more Reeses, I offer them the chance to trade in their bucket of candy for a shopping trip that involves a $5 bill, Starbucks hot chocolate, and a trip to Target to spend their "monies." Thank goodness $5 is a fortune to them, because in the two years we've done this they've opted for the spending trip every time. 

As for the rest of the night, we visited Bob's Aunt and Uncle's Halloween party. I can't believe I didn't take any pictures, because it was awesome! The food and decorations were amazing, and they went all out on their costumes. I want to throw a Halloween party like them when I grow up :) 

Cousins! Minus Gigi and baby Mila- we missed you!

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