Monday, October 20, 2014

Brooks' First Birthday

Brooks is 1! I can hardly believe it. Then again, that may have been the longest year of my life.

We ended up celebrating last night with a Woodland themed dinner for family and a few friends. My initial invite list was 164 people. I wanted all of our friends and family there, but Bob brought me back to reality with, "NO, we are not rich and this is not a wedding." womp womp.

It was a wonderful night and I'm very grateful for the loved ones that gave up their evening to celebrate with us (side note: if you did not receive an invite and thought, "weird, I should have" chances are high your invite was lost in the mail. I was lazy and did not put return addresses on them and found out some invites did not make it to a few very significant people. So if that's you, I'm sorry, we missed you, and I've learned my lesson).

As far as we can say, this is our last baby and our last first birthday party. I don't feel old enough to say we've reached "a last" with our kiddos, but then again I feel like I'm a million years old and my bladder reminds me I've seen better days (why didn't I do my kegels?!)

Thank you cards from Target- I cut off the "Thank you" to make them birthday appropriate.
I didn't want to buy a bunch of crap parents hate for the goodie bags, so I bought a couple packs of the "build your own turkeys" from Hobby Lobby (there's 25 turkeys in a pack and I think it cost me $4). I had to include something sugary, because, well, it was cheap and kids love them. 

These cute little guys are from Hobby Lobby

Wood is from Bob's late grandfather's house and the woodland creatures are from Hobby Lobby
cakes- clearly homemade :)

Place cards: card stock from hobby lobby and black chalk plates from Target $1 section.

Glass jars are Starbucks frappucino drinks (Costco has 12 for $13) that my sister-in-law diy'd.
Straws are from Target. 
Paper from Hobby Lobby that I cut into triangles and hung with Target $1 section string. 

Cutie cousins

The following pictures depict Brooks' growing personality perfectly. 
Our Aunt made the cutest fox hat for Brooks!

Not a fan of the cake. 

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