Sunday, July 20, 2014

Slowing down


That's the only word that comes to mind as I look back on the last 4 weeks. What a crazy, crazy time we've had. Thankfully, the next two weeks will be a different story as I purposely set a slower pace. I realized a few days ago that we have approximately one month before our summer schedule ends.  I in no way feel rested or like we've enjoyed our favorite summer activities. So I'm determined to grill more, swim more, and spend more time enjoying my husband before we lose him to a busy fall schedule. 

I also plan to set time aside to prepare for the coming season. Bob and I do this a few times a year (New Years, at the end of Spring, and beginning of Fall) by going to dinner or taking a morning at a coffee shop to reflect on our past season and cast vision for the future season. Then we set our vision to a plan over the following weeks. Do we end up executing these plans perfectly. Absolutely not. Sometimes, like this past year, we barely mark one item off our list, but the planning and discussing gets us on the same page and provides a framework for how we spend our time. The process of setting our goals has proven to be just as valuable as the executing of them. At least for us.  

Oh, and we have a potty trained two year old, a crawler, a sleeping through the night-er (Brooks), and Avery has learned approximately a million words over the last month. Not that these things bring ultimate happiness, but they certainly increase the quality of one's life. Amen?

Two things I love about summer hair- the twisty piece that keeps my short layer out of face and my 1 1/4 inch curling iron.
Eating a leaf. Painted nails. Ninja Turtle tattoos.
I love this kid.

I played around these cottonwoods when I was their age. Such a treat watching them do the same.
Baby cousins

Last week he ate two food pouches for each meal and nursed like a champ #chunk
He can't help himself. He must lavish Mila in his love. 

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