Saturday, July 26, 2014

Just like that, it's over

I almost forgot they'll grow up.
When day after day is filled to the brim with mundane it's easy to think this season will last forever. Then just like that it's over: one's now potty-trained, one's sleeping in his own bed, one's ready for school, and one's exploring the world on his knees no longer needing mama so much.

I don't typically get swept up in my children's every move, but this week my eyes were glued to them, and what I saw made my heart swell: Avery yelling, "I comin, baby" when Brooks begins to cry. Walking Bray to a new class at church and seeing his nervous fingers pick at one other while his tongue moves to the side of his cheek; his way of keeping himself from crying.Watching Avery drop what she's doing to dance to the ninja turtle theme song. Every. Time. Seeing Brooks light up and lose control of his arms when he gets excited. Or watching him work out his curiosity, tongue out with hands and knees to the floor, full speed ahead. I love these kids. I love observing who they are and seeing how that sheds light onto who they'll become.

Motherhood can be crazy stressful and is far harder than I imagined, but I'll never regret these moments with them. Or the times I wanted one. more. minute. of sleep, but had to get up because they needed me. Sleep will come. So will traveling without kids, more time with friends, and a clean house that lasts longer than 2 hours. But for now they are my reality, and I hope to enjoy as many chaotic moments with them as possible. Knowing that the majority of our days won't be full of warm fuzzies, but instead real life messes, tantrums, pockets of laughter, and a lot of I'm sorrys.

Someone can no longer nap in mama's bed.
Bray laid out his essentials for the next day. Makes sense.
Excited for popcorn with daddy.
Gigantic baby tongue

He's found his voice.
Stop all the cute-ness, mister.

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  1. I want you to come hang out with me and the other YF girls the next time I'm in town! Also, what's your Instagram??