Saturday, July 19, 2014

Happy 5th Birthday, Bay

No that is not a typo. Avery calls Bray, "Bay," and we think it's the cutest thing in the world, so we encourage her by joining in the name changing fun. Similarly, we call water "wa, wa" and injuries "owies." Go ahead you "I want my kids to properly enunciate" parents,  judge away.

In the spirit of doing everything out of survival, we threw two laid back birthday parties for Bray this year. We have a ton of family and friends in the area and while we'd love to have everyone for every party we ever threw it's simply not realistic. So for each kid I decided to make the 1st and 5th birthdays into bashes, while we keep the in-between parties laid back. This year however, given our nomadic status, I couldn't pull off a big 5th birthday party for Bray. Instead, we had a pizza party at my mom's house with my siblings, complete with fireworks and ice cream. Then a week later we took Bray's best friends, who happen to be his cousins on Bob's side, to a local waterpark. Ya'll, I didn't even get a custom cake this year. In fact, on the way to the waterpark we stopped by our grocer and picked up whatever they had available. Just call me a party planning rebel.


I can't tell you how fun it is being your mom. The caution and care you have for your siblings warms my heart. The intuition you've gained blows my mind (you can read emotion like a boss). And your love of building and "projects" excites me.

Recently, I've had to ask the Lord to grant strength as I face letting you go. That may sound premature given you're only five and still need help wiping your bum (forgive me), but it's tough entrusting you to teachers, letting you face peers and confrontation, and allowing failure (of any task) be a part of your journey. I don't want to be a helicopter mom. I don't. But it's my tendency. Please give me grace as I learn to let you find your way without me.

I do hope no matter how independent you become, you always let me walk beside you, though. Because I simply love watching you grow into who you're intended to be.

Happy 5th Birthday, bay-ba!!


  1. I bet your little man didn't complain one bit about no big shindig either did he? Looks like he had a great birthday!

  2. You're such a good Mama! Love the way you still makes things fun even when you're in a big transition! :)