Tuesday, July 15, 2014


We are on week 3 of life at my parents and honestly, things are going great. It's made all the difference being in a "home." You know, a place with family pictures on the wall, organization that flows with everyday life, and a stocked kitchen. We are grateful to Bob's family for letting us stay at grandpa's and feel cared for by the Lord in his provision of that place, but it was time to get out of there. My heart desperately needed the warmth of a home. I think the kids and husband needed it too.

We've quickly settled into a familiar routine of cooking, cleaning, play, and work since being here. Something that was lacking those last few months at grandpa's. Who I am definitely soars in the midst of structure and to-do's, so to have that back, even a little bit, makes me feel normal again.

One thing I've been confronting as of late are the feelings I have towards this new house and the process we've been through. I feel the depth of our lessons, but can't find the words to depict such an important season for Bob and I. Until those words come, all I can say is Jesus took something I'd inappropriately oriented in my heart, made it incredibly difficult to obtain, and reminded me he is better.

I can also say it's been a blast assembling the bid/plans for this house. We got to meet with a custom cabinet maker and interior designer (thanks to Bob's talented cousin gifting us a session) yesterday. So fun! By this week's end we should have a good idea how much we can accomplish within our means. I'm excited to see this project begin!

For funsies, here are some before pictures.

Entry way- dining room and kitchen to the left. Living room to the right.
I'll have you know Ricky Shipe, I do not intend to paint the staircase white. You're welcome. 
Dining room- oh the wainscoting and crown moulding!
Living room- I'm planning to keep the original brick, just clean it up a bit and redo the firebox.
Envision wood floors, and white on white on white on white. 
Master bedroom fireplace. Swoon.

I'll post some design boards that have been my inspiration soon.

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