Thursday, June 12, 2014

We may have lost our minds

In two weeks time me and my pod will be living with my parents.
WWHHAAATTT. I know, we may have lost our ever lovin minds.

The good news is things are going awesome with our house. The appraisal, our final step before we close, went amazingly well.  Such a praise. Now it's about to get crazy.  Demo is set to begin the last weekend of June. Once that's underway I may not see my husband until Christmas. His absence combined with our coming mortgage (mortgage + rent = no bueno) makes living with the 'rents look like a dream. Besides, I don't even know who I've become. No one has clean clothes. Dusting- what's that? And, I just let the kids eat tortilla chips for breakfast. Drowning in my circumstances would be an understatement.

The next four to six months, yes four to six months- gah, will hold a number of challenges, I'm sure. But I'm grateful for my parents generosity and willingness to flip their lives upside down.

Now. Someone want to help me pick paint colors? And, pack my house. And, help us move. Again.

Walmart had these adorable crafts for $3

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  1. I want to help! Will let you know next time I am in KC. :)