Friday, May 2, 2014

We signed a contract, ya'll!!

Oh, yes. Yes. we. did.

Last week, after posting about the yellow house (read here), Bob and I asked God to change the homeowners mind. We couldn't stop thinking about the home and I felt a deep conviction to save it from a crappy remodel. A few days later Bob asked the homeowner to reconsider our offer AND HE ACCEPTED!

Before we signed the contract Bob had two more guys walk through the house. Just to be sure we weren't nuts or about to star in our very own Money Pit. After receiving their green light we signed the darn thing.

Haaaa-La- Freakin-Lou-ya.

There's still a beastly process ahead in regards to financing and the actual remodel. This is a renovation loan so there will be numerous inspections, drawings, bids, etc. It takes a lot of time. We are feeling confident, though. And hopeful. Bob did quite a bit of leg work before getting us to this point. Barring a horrendous issue found in the coming inspection, we think this just might be our long awaited home!!

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  1. so exciting for you guys! can't wait to see more pictures!!