Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Another house....bites the dust.

Well, guys. We found another house to love.
And we really, really loved it.

Let me back track a little. Bob's family plans to sell grandpa's house by 2015, so our original plan of staying a year has changed. Upon this news we began looking into our options. We thought we'd just find a rental, but renting is expensive! We also noticed a shift in the market for Midtown. Houses are selling quick and prices are going up-yikes for us, yay for Midtown.

Fast forward to two Fridays ago. Bob and I loaded up the kids, got ourselves some nice beverages, and drove around Midtown to look at houses. Through a series of events we came across a home that we fell in love with. This house is not on the market, but vacant. The property owner plans to flip it, but would be willing to sell it "as is."

After a tour of the home we were smitten. Bob spent the next week doing his homework. He had three contractors look at the space and crunched numbers. Sadly, we found that some of the updates that had previously been done were not done correctly. Bob tried to negotiate the sale price to accommodate said issues, but the owner wouldn't budge. So we had to walk away.

We are quite sad about it. Not necessarily because the door closed. I actually feel cared for and protected by the Lord through this answer. I'm sad, because this property owner is going to ruin this beautiful home. Just ruin it. He plans to disregard the structural concerns our contractors have, and overlook other issues that were found. Ugh. It makes me so, so sad.

You know, this housing saga has been tough, but I know there's a plan in place. On my good days I rejoice in God's care and thank him for his ongoing provision. On the bad I pray for faith to believe. Thankfully, regardless of where my emotions land, I know my Lord stands in heaven in complete control, and he will work everything out for our good and his glory.

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  1. That is a beautiful home. You are right though, the Lord has a plan and you will see it clearly in his perfect timing.
    It's so sad that the owner is going to disregard issues that need to be taken care of.