Monday, May 5, 2014

Mama got a new job

Well. I started a part time work from home position, today. While I love being home with my babies, I also love the hustle and bustle and mental stimulation working outside of the home brings. Thankfully, there's a fantastic company in Kansas City that values family and provides a space for women to be with their kiddos while profiting from their strengths. Their vision is what will enable me to satisfy my itch for both worlds.

I know it may be difficult managing work and home life, but I look forward to it. I've heard women say working makes them a better mom. I'm beginning to see aspects of their truth become mine and I anticipate all of the ways this journey defines and improves my little family. 

On an unrelated note, I'm watching Bray do shirtless pushups while he listens to Ellie Goulding. And this morning I found Avery sitting by herself, legs crossed, cackling at the TV. These children are way too amusing to be away from. 

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