Thursday, March 13, 2014

Zoo, park, and life

City mini double stroller w/ car seat attachment, mini-van, zoo pass, and sunshine. I love these things alot. Like alot. Alot.

Especially after a winter like this. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love winter. I love comfort food, I love hot beverages, and cozy candles in a warm home. But this winter was long and as the kids get older it's  harder to keep them stimulated all. day. long.

But glory be to the heavens, spring is on the horizon. 

Made evident by our 68 degree weather. Which of course we took full advantage of with a trip to the park, driving around outer backroads in the sunshine, sidewalk chalk, and a morning at the zoo. Not only did my affections for my mini-van and stroller increase all the more, I LOVED the time with my kids. Taking in new settings and watching them explore reminded me how privileged I am to be their mom.

It also never gets old seeing the difference in my children. Avery continues to be our little daredevil. Nothing is too high to climb. Braydon, however has no interest in heights. In fact, the entire time we were at the park he drew treasure maps in the mulch. At the zoo they switched roles. Avery was terrified of the animals and preferred to stay in the stroller. Braydon came to life with tons of questions and couldn't wait to learn about the next animal.

I sure do hope Spring is here to stay. Now that I've tasted it's goodness I just may go into full blown depression should another winter storm hit.

Story time with daddy

I LOVE my stroller and car seat attachment. I found a city mini double stroller on craigslist for less than half the original price, in great condition. The attachment allows for all three kids to be seated in the stroller at once. Genius! You can find the attachment on Amazon. 

Sizing us up 

I've been sleep training this guy. We are starting with naps, then we'll work on the evening. So far it's going well! I can't believe I didn't do this sooner. Our days already go smoother.

Driving the back roads while the kids nap, with a passion fruit shaken iced tea lemonade in hand.
At the doc for what we thought was a double ear infection. Thankfully he's just an early teether.


  1. Sounds like a glorious day. We had a great sunny day followed by SNOW!!! Today it's in the 60's though and the sun is shining. I sure wish Spring would come and stay. I love all the pictures of your children. You are definitely blessed with a perfect family :)

    1. Boo to snow!! We were hit with a snow yesterday. Dag-gum weather.