Friday, February 7, 2014

Our week in pictures

Our week has been rough, which should come as no surprise given my last post.

Lots of whiny attitudes and colicy screams lead to questionable tv choices and one grumpy mama. But now it's the weekend. Praise God. And I'm determined to change my attitude with a breakfast date and time away from the kids to refocus.

For they will not eat me alive next week. They will not eat me alive next week. They. will. not.

Teething molars is rough
GF monster cookies with raw sugar and no M&M's led to many remorseful moments. I simply could not deny their powers.

Bray's most recent "set-up"

Bob's grandfather's original house sign

Safety first is what I say

Coconut milk hot chocolate after playing in the snow 
Our first trip to Target in the new ride

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