Friday, February 7, 2014


You know. I thought once we emerged from Bray's difficult infancy and toddler years we would only go up. I mean. Wow. That was a rough road. Then we had Avery. She was such a sweet baby. A Godsend after all those long, sleepless nights with Bray. But now. Now, she is a raging, hormonal crazy who might be the end of me. 

Too much? 

Well, that's how I feel. 

I mean, I love her dearly and I'm SO SO SO grateful the Lord gave her to us. But the surge of hormones that's come with her second birthday has left Av's one aggressive cookie. The kind I can't leave alone with the baby, because she might bite, pinch, scratch, or throw a remote at it's face. Or the kind that spends the better part of her day, in my face, screaming about God knows what. Because that's the only way she knows how to communicate, with tears and tribal yells. 

oh. my. goodness.

Some days I think I want another baby, to give Avery a sister or something, but no way. If this is what female terrible two's look like. No freaking way. 

In other news, the husband is coming home early and we're taking the whole fam to Chick-fil-a in our NEW MINI-VAN. That's right. And, I couldn't be more excited. 
We bought the van on Monday, after weeks of asking the Lord to provide something within our means. What's crazy is we spent months searching for a new vehicle last summer, but everything was out of our price range. This time it took all of one day on Craigslist. And, it's perfect. 

 Don't worry, the humor of my mini-van excitement and Friday night at Chick-fil-a has not been lost on me.

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