Saturday, February 15, 2014

Heart day

Each year Bob and I alternate who plans Valentine's Day. This year was Bob's year and he totally surprised me.

We started the day with breakfast at one of our fav coffee shop's downtown, Mildreds. Not only did we get breakfast and I drank an entire cup of HOT coffee, he arranged for nana to stay with the kids a couple of hours so we could read and chat. My tired mama soul rejoiced. After breakfast, we went home and I got a nap. A nap. Bless that man. When I woke, he told me to get ready for pedicures and dinner at Gram and Dun. Whaaaattttt. I could hardly believe it. 

What makes yesterday so special is sometime last week I realized we'd spent the majority of our money for the month. There was no way we would have extra to celebrate v-day and I told him so. Instead of agreeing not to celebrate, he told me to worry not, he'd take care of the money. And he did. He used his money from Christmas that he'd been saving. Tear. I'm so grateful for him.  He saw how badly I needed a break, and to be known like that sure makes a girl feel loved. 

Now, I think it's worthy to note this v-day was amazing, but we've had plenty that weren't. In fact, one year Bob was so distracted with preaching the next day, he forgot to get me a card (or anything) and spent the entire day at a coffee shop. We also rarely have extra money, which means Feb 14th is spent at home, cooking dinner, with no gift exchange. So in case you're Valentine's Day was disappointing, I understand. But know, even after an incredible v-day, we're back to real life. With screaming kids, a messy house, little sleep, long to-do's, and short tempers. 

For the best of days can't bring lasting happiness or perfect moods. Only Jesus can do that.

The "D cup" just won best drink in my book. Thanks J Nato for the recommendation. 
"The Jackson." I mean, grilled Romaine? Of course you were going to be incredible. Especially when paired with grilled rosemary sourdough and cranberry-orange-bourbon jam. 

I also made homemade valentines with the kids. Thanks to Target's $1 section, we got a few decor items too. I'm such a sucker for this kind of stuff. 

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