Thursday, February 13, 2014

Comfort and renewed perspective

Last week I learned a lot about myself. 
Like when life gets hard I shut down and run to things that are comfortable: good food and tv to name a few. 

Though I didn't initially realize this, I'm not surprised. I'm just grateful a good friend challenged me to look at what God was revealing about myself, my children, and Him through our difficult week, which allowed me to see ways I turn from the Lord toward comfort.

Through God's kindness, I was also stretched by moments of intentionality and women that chose to encourage rather than tear down. Moments like:

-When I asked God to restore joy for my children. I had been seeing them as an inconvenience and my attitude towards them reflected such. 

-When I was honest with the community of mom's I'm a part of. Thanks to their returned honesty I was able to see everyone has a hard time in the early years; I wasn't alone. Everyone's kids disobey. Everyone's kids whine, and make messes. Because they're kids. Community and having others to turn to is so very important, I'm seeing that now. 

-When a friend reminded me that until the age of 12, kids are egocentric. They simply cannot fathom seeing the world any other way, which is why repeated episodes of not sharing or other manifestations of selfishness occur (as well as our inability to be perfect). While I still need to teach my kids to think beyond themselves, I should stop saying things like, "Are you kidding me?! Why would you think that's ok?" Because it's simply not fair. Of course they think it's ok to be selfish. That's their nature and they need my help to know any different. As well as my gentleness when they do know better and stray. Just like the Lord does for me. 

- When I was encouraged to read the book, "Loving the Little Years.

I'm so thankful I wasn't left to myself and my bad attitude from last week. God's grace continues to overwhelm me. 

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