Monday, February 17, 2014

Essential Oils- what's working for us

If you know my family, or have been reading this past year, it's no secret I have sickly children. Perhaps it's genetics, perhaps it's things I could've done differently in their infancy. I don't know. But, one thing I've learned through all the sickness is modern medicine has its place, but it's best served after time and natural remedies have been given (for non-life threatening matters).

One of those remedies is our beloved essential oils. 

We've been using doTERRA oils for about 4 months and have found much success. With that said, we've still gotten sick, and we've still had to administer medicine. So if you're looking for a cure-all, this isn't it. Though should you find such a thing, please share!

What we have found to work has been gold, though. 
Here are some of those remedies.

Sinus Infections/Cold-
I do two things: 

1. Make Oregano capsules. 
You can get the capsules at a natural food store or amazon
Place 7 drops of oil in each capsule. Take 1 pill 3x a day- 4x's if it's really bad

2. Make a sinus blend and massage into your sinuses.
Place the blend into a roller ball, I buy these from amazon, rub the oil onto your sinuses, then massage in: under the eyes, bridge of nose, center of forehead, and I also do behind my ears. 
The mixture I use is 1 drop Peppermint, 1 drop Melaleuca, 1 drop Breathe, 2 teaspoon fractionated coconut oil. 
I usually eyeball my measurements, because I put a larger amount in the roller ball. I also test the mixture on my sinuses and add more Breathe or Peppermint if necessary  (usually is). I prefer powerful mixtures, but in this case it can't be too powerful or you won't be able to open you eyes. 
As for frequency, when I'm in the throws of sickness I put the mixture on every 30 minutes to an hour (in case you have pictures or a dinner party that night, your sinuses may turn red from all the rubbing, but it doesn't last long- like a day). If it's just a stuffy nose I do it 3-4 times a day. 

I battle sinus infections and head congestion often. Doing these two things has worked so well I've yet to need an antibiotic or pain reliever. 

Gas pain/Colic/ Upset stomach-

Digestzen has worked wonders on Brooks. I use 2 drops of Digestzen to 1 drop fractionated coconut oil. Again, I like my stuff powerful (we've never had a skin reaction, which can happen to some babies if it's too strong). 

Brooks has also developed acid reflux. Sadly, this blend doesn't work as well, but I'm researching oils to add that soothe, like lavender. 

Digestzen has also settled an upset tummy on Bray and myself. I used the same mixture on Bray as I did Brooks, and on myself I put 3 drops of Digestzen around my belly button and rubbed it in (this is how you apply to everyone). 


We love doTERRA's blend, Breathe. I mix 2 drops of Breathe with 2 drops of fractionated coconut oil, then I rub the mixture on the kid's feet and chest. If the cough is really bad I administer every hour to two hours. We also have doTERRA's diffuser, the one that only diffuses oil (not a mixture of water and oil). When we diffuse Breathe through the night, we don't have to put oil on the kid's feet. The downside to the diffuser is it goes through the oil rather quickly, which can be costly. However, because we don't spend money on cough syrups, Vick's vapor rub, etc, it evens out. 

I mix 1 drop of lemon with 2 drops of fractionated coconut oil and rub into my cuticles. I've yet to have a hangnail this winter. 

I carry a mixture of lemon, wild orange, and coconut oil in a roller ball to rub on my hands for a disinfectant before I eat and a mood lifter (cup my hands over my nose and breathe in).

I diffuse lemon while I clean. 

Bob and I drink an apple cider vinegar, agave nectar, lemon detox drink every now and again. We use drops of lemon oil instead of juicing a lemon (less work).

-I add it to my apple crisp, among other recipes.

Wild Orange-

I diffuse orange often, because it smells like a dream. 

I add it to my apple crisp and my sugar scrubs (equal parts sugar, brown sugar, then add coconut oil or olive oil until it's the consistency you want). 

Here is a great site to use as a resource, should you want to dig deeper into essential oils.
Also, I'm not a doctor and we've only been using the oils for four months. Whatever advice I've just given has been what's worked for our family. 

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