Wednesday, January 8, 2014

We're still alive

Life, for us, has been a bit of a blur since Christmas. Mainly, because there's little distinction between the days: sleep, stay in jammies, nurse sickness, watch a movie, eat, watch another movie, eat, sleep. This cycle has been on repeat for three weeks. THREE WEEKS. Thankfully, my husband has been a big help, giving me a couple opportunities to leave the house ALONE. Bless him.

The biggest toll in all of this has been on Brooks. We spent yesterday morning at the dr's and hospital running tests to see if there's a known culprit. Has anyone been tested for whooping cough? It was an experience. We had to walk around the hospital with masks on, both Brooks and I, and anyone who came in contact with us had to wear a mask and gloves. I'm thankful for their precautions, but sheesh, I didn't love all of the curious stares from strangers. (In case anyone is wondering or brewing a nasty response regarding vaccinations, let me remind you to be kind to other moms who are trying to figure out what's best for their families. And be comforted, our children have been vaccinated for pertussis. All except Brooks, because he's too young.) 

We should know more about Brooks' test results in a day or so. In the meantime, you can find us continuing our newfound routine.


  1. Poor baby. I see you're using Dorerra oils...I'm a consultant as well as my MIL- we are pleased with them. Prays for healing for your family.

    1. We love our doTERRA oils! Please share any tips, sickness cures (since that's what we're facing the most), and beauty tips. There's so much to learn and I feel like such a newbie... Thank you for the prayers! Slowly, but surely we are on the mend.