Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas 2013

Ah, Christmas.
Our holiday was, shall I say, interesting. I won't go into detail, because I'm sure you have your own version of crazy to account for, but I will say I was reminded how much I need Jesus.

There were some sweet moments amidst our chaos, but if I'm honest the chaos is what I'll remember the most. Mainly, because of what the chaos symbolizes: a husband who's dedicated to his job and ministry, kiddos that we get to call ours, and lots of family that we love and love us.

I'm truly thankful for what we have, who we have, and where our hope is. Christmas reminded me of that.

Taking pictures went a lot like this

Oh, children. One photo. All I wanted was one photo.

She is literally always shirtless. I hope this is not a foreshadowing of her future?
Not funny. 
Little man enjoying a lil' Mumford and EmmyLou Harris with mamma
Matching brothers

"The only one who can satisfy the human heart is the one who made it."

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