Monday, December 2, 2013


"If your Thanksgiving feels awkward or sad or different than traditional this year (or perhaps joyfully traditional) remember that he (Christ) is the reward. Not having everything go as planned, nor conflict-less gatherings, not stress-less, frantic-less cooking sessions. Not naught-less children and not heartache-less seasons. Simply, HE. You already have the reward." - Jami Nato

I tend to be a yeller when I get stressed. I hate it. But it's my reality and something I'm working on with God's help. The holiday season certainly doesn't cure this nasty habit, which is funny to me. Shouldn't I be overcome with joy and family happiness? Cozy homes, christmas lights, pecan pie, fires, healthy children, and a loving husband. There's a lot of goodness this time of the year, yet none of it has the power to keep me from yelling.

And honestly, it's not the yelling that makes me sad. I mean it is, but it's what it does to my children, what it does to the atmosphere in our home that I hate. Especially during a joyful time of the year like the holidays.

But this year, thanks to Jami, I entered into Thanksgiving with a different perspective and it supernaturally altered my reactions. Like when we ran late to every family gathering, or Avery hit another small (or big) child. I was ok. I didn't need a perfect scenario to keep me happy (keep me from yelling), because I already had my reward. I just needed to remember it and not redefine reward to mean a flawless family event.

Amazingly, I don't think I yelled once. Though, if I had (or I'm forgetting when I did) I'm free to apologize to my family and move on. The gospel grants me that. It doesn't leave me to feel like a failure; it tells me I'm incapable of perfection, so let me help.

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