Monday, December 2, 2013

Christmas Tree O' Christmas Tree

Saturday, we made our annual trip to a Christmas tree farm. We tried a new farm this year, which proved to be "eh," but the weather was beautiful and I was so happy to have Brooks with us that I didn't mind.

Since we are living in a temporary home with little space we wanted a small tree. This was perfect as I was able to decorate our whole tree with non-breakable ornaments. I mean, have you met Avery? She's not exactly gentle. In fact this morning she single handedly removed every ornament on the bottom tier of our tree. All it took were a couple angry swoops and mission complete. Can you imagine the mess had those things been breakable? Genius, I tell you.

I also took advantage of not stringing every light strand we own. I'm a little sad about this, since my favorite part of a Christmas tree are the thousand light strands one strings. But it's fine. Right?

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