Monday, December 16, 2013

Catch up and a whole lot-a pictures

Gosh. So much has happened and I've done little to record it.

So here's my attempt to catch up.

1. Life with Brooks has been awesome. We love this little guy and all that he brings to our family: sweet baby snuggles, yucky poops, adorable grins, and a deep yearning for sleep. 

2. I celebrated my 29th birthday in the hills of Southern Mo, fireside, in the middle of a snow storm. It was perfect. 

3. I'm now a doTERRA consultant. We have been using their oils for the last few months and have seen, first hand, how well they work. So we took the plunge and are loving it!

4. There's potential for a crazy turn of events regarding our new house. Nothing to talk about yet, but stay tuned. 

5. Brooks is steadily gaining weight while exclusively being breastfed. This is HUGE as my other two kids were formula fed, despite my efforts to continue nursing (for a later post). 

6. Bob and I attended a parenting conference last weekend. It. was. awesome. I'll post about it soon.

7. Eating gluten-free, dairy-free this time of the year is almost impossible.

8. Bob and I started working out again. Also hard to do this time of the year, especially at a gym with no daycare, but I really love it.  

Now for a crazy amount of pictures.

My uniform.
6 weeks
Kale, sweet potato, butternut squash, tomato, carrot, red pepper, and chicken stew.
Do it. Throw everything in with some chicken stock, bay leaves, salt, garlic, rosemary, and thyme.
Your body will thank you.
Her favorite cubby.
When there's no chicken add Country Ranch Nut Thins to your Caesar salad. 
Target $1 section for the win!
Glorious fire on my birthday.
Birthday Buttermilk pie. So. So. good.
Winter wonderland.

7 weeks
Imagination at it's finest.
Sneaky paws went in for the pinch.
Someone has been spending too much time with papaw and auntie.
Life with boys.
Pretty girl.
Birthday mug from the mister.
I need sleep.
God's been good to me.
Holiday dinner with the besties.
Life-changing conference.
Road side feedings make for a happy baby.
Lady cousins.
Christmas cookie goodness.
Homemade coconut creamer.

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