Monday, November 18, 2013

Gluten free, dairy free has begun

Groceries have been purchased and the pantry/fridge have been cleared of gluten and dairy products.
This is really happening, ya'll.

To make this transition a little easier I decided to start with dishes I already make (adding a few new) that are paleo or gluten-free. I also didn't invest in the 37 flours baked GF goods call for. Instead, I bought a couple King Arthur box mixes for muffins, chocolate cake, and pancakes. I have a great GF cookbook, Cooking for Isaiah, and it has a GF all-purpose flour mixture and pancake recipe that I will ultimately use, but my cookbook is packed and I'm not about to enter that abyss.

Here are the items on my list:

Coconut yogurt
Homemade roasted garlic and red pepper humus (eat with carrots and Nut thin crackers)
White popcorn
Blue corn tortilla chips and salsa
King Arthur chocolate cake
King Arthur brownies

GF pasta with roasted broccoli, garlic, and coconut oil
GF, DF english muffin pizzas
Roasted turkey and salad
Roasted turkey sandwiches and blue corn tortilla chips

King Arthur muffin mix
King Arthur pancakes 
Udi's toast and eggs
Juice- spinach, apple, strawberry, lemon, kale, pomegranate

Roasted Brussel sprouts with steak
Fajitas with corn tortillas
Beef stew (lots of veggies)
Leftover beef stew served over cauliflower mash
Rice, bean, veggie, guacamole bowl
White bean chicken chili

A couple things I've learned in the one day we've been GF, DF:

1. Buy a whole turkey or chicken and roast it.
I bought a free range turkey that my mom roasted (my pan is packed) with apples, oranges, and herbs. She cut it up and I froze the meat in individuals baggies for salads and sandwiches to come. Amazing decision.

2. Tantrums are inevitable. 
Bray chose a nap over eating his salad for lunch. The kid loves salad, but because I changed his dressing he refused to taste it...FYI. In our house, we don't expect you to eat something you don't like, but we do want you to try it before you say you don't like it. 

3. Coconut yogurt is not great.

4. I may need to introduce homemade juice 20 times before my kids drink it. 

5. Talking to Bray about why we are making this transition (eating to live, and eating to make sis feel better) has been great. He has lots of questions and I pray this shapes his view of food in such a way that benefits him. Because, I'm a total comfort eater. Gah.  

6. I can't wait to introduce mushrooms and brussels sprouts. That's going to be fun.

7. Because you need to indulge, here is a homemade chocolate icing recipe that is my new fave. Sis can't have it because it has butter, but once she (hopefully) gets better, the occasional peice of cake on special occasions will happen. Also, do yourself a favor, use dark chocolate cocoa and reduce the amount of milk and replace with brewed coffee. You'll thank me later. 

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  1. Thx for the idea - subbing coffee for milk in my frosting on my GF choc cake for our Thxgvng dinner this weekend! :)