Tuesday, September 17, 2013

First of the week tid-bits

First of all, let me say this chic is a cuddle bug. She totally invades your space with no regard to your comfort, her only mission being to get as close as possible. It's adorable. 

Second, this week has started out great. 

The weather is WONDERFUL. Rainy. Cool. Evidence that fall is near. 

The kids have rebounded from all the craziness, with far less tantrums and episodes of crazy. Avery's been a bit clingy, but in a cute way. Well, at least it's cute for now. She must have her sights on me at all times. If I can't be found, you'll hear her inquisitive voice yell, "Mama? Mama?!"

I've had my Yankee candles Pumpkin Buttercream and Caramel Pecan Pie burning constantly.

Braydon requested his dinosaurs eat dinner with us last night. I didn't realize he was being literal.
"Mom, dinosaurs are supposed to eat tigers."

I sold my rug, which paid for my new rug purchases (see rugs here).

We officially closed on the sale of our house, which means money in the bank- hollaa. Well, it's money we can't touch until we buy our new house, but still.

After sleeping through the night in his own bed, Bray says, "did you know I listened to God last night? That's why I didn't get up." Tear. After a year of praying with him to trust God when he gets scared, he finally did... Thanks, God.

Thanks to a coupon, gift card, store credit, rewards I didn't know I had, and an early $40 b-day contribution from my mom, I was able to purchase the boots I had on my fall wish list without any budget money. Yessssss.

Bray loves preschool and I've really enjoyed the structure it's brought to our mornings.

I'm still in a euphoric state regarding God's provision of grandpa's house.

This recipe turned out to be as delicious as it looks. Served with buckwheat soba noodles and fried cabbage (in coconut oil) and you've got yourself quite the dinner.

Bob and I went on a date to Gram and Dunn, celebrating the close of our house, and God's grace to us.  It was easily one of the best meals and dining experiences we've ever had. Not to mention, dinner was courtesy of a gift card given by the elders of our church to those on staff. All to encourage date nights. I mean seriously? Talk about generous and feeling cared for by your bosses.

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  1. I'm picking up some Fall Candles this weekend. I'm ready for my house to smell all cozy and delicious!

    Yay for date nights! Poor Hubs and I have no idea what that is!