Monday, September 16, 2013


Our plan is a simple one.

-Introduce a letter a week, primarily using Easy Peasy Homeschool's resources.

-Go over the material our church gives from the Gospel Project for kids.

-Have a focused chore each week, as well as a manner. This week's chore is to make the bed. The manner, is to let Avery go first, whether it's through a door or in the game they're playing.

-Wednesday's will be nature day where he'll draw a picture of something he sees outdoors in his nature notebook. Then we will learn about the object he's found via the interweb.

-Take a field trip and library outing each month.

Thanks to pinterest, I also have some festive crafts planned and, we will incorporate numbers and shapes soon.

Since this is just preschool I don't want to overload him with structured school time. My goal is to introduce him to the basics, while teaching him how to treat others, who Jesus is, and what it looks like to be creative, and take care of your surroundings.

Our first day went great! Bray already loves to learn, so I figured this transition would be an easy one and I was right.

Recipe here
My changes are obvious: doughnuts instead of doughnut poppers, and I added choc chips

Adding his own touch to making his bed

In closing, I read this blog post on being introverted, today. He also discussed homeschooling, which I found very encouraging.

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