Monday, August 26, 2013

Grandma, move update, and new purchases

Monday sure came quickly, didn't it?

Well, there's no time to admit how tired I am. We have LOTS to accomplish.
Thanks to an early start (Bray's morning screams that woke the whole house),  I've tackled my usual Monday chores, all before 7:30 a.m. The rest of today will be prepping clothes for the kids consignment sale and finishing laundry.

We are also on stand-by regarding my sweet grandma. Two Sunday's ago she was sent home with hospice and we were told it was a matter of days before she would pass (if not that night). Yet again, she has surprised us by defying the doctor's odds (four years ago she survived a coma);  however, on Saturday the hospice nurse confirmed she is reaching the end. Watching someone you love give way to the inevitable has not been easy, but I'm so very grateful for the 28 years I've been able to call her mine.

Preparation for our move is quickly coming together. Phone calls to our service providers have been made and we decided this weekend to move into my sister-in-law's basement for the interim phase. Her space is set up like a studio, which should be interesting come bedtime, but we feel it's our best option. And I love my sister-in-law and brother-in-law. There's potential for a lot of crazy fun ahead.

We also touched base with the contractor on the home we like. He's very busy, but confirmed his desire to sell the house and discuss numbers. We're praying the details get worked out soon. We really don't want to begin house hunting again, and while living with family will be great, I also need to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Or I might go crazy.

Clean sweep 2.0 has been awesome! The garage sale I had with my sister-in-laws was a success. I made enough to purchase Bob and I's bedding (well, a cheaper version) and baby boy's. I also found bedding for Bray that was cheap enough to take from our everyday budget.

I also made a couple rug purchases this weekend. A bit premature, since I've not sold my dining room rug (profits will pay for the new), but I came across a few deals I couldn't pass up. One was on ebay. I had been eyeing a certain IKEA rug for months, but it's not available online. When I saw ebay had it within my price range I took the plunge. The second deal was via  They were having a big sale, plus an additional 50% off and free shipping with a promo code. I was able to find a version of the rug I wanted for Avery's room for a total of $55. Score!

Here are some pictures of those purchases.

Avery's room inspiration to the left and my $55 rug purchase to the right. 


Baby boy's crib sheet and crib skirt. 
 I plan to use a grey or navy stroller blanket in place of the quilt. 

Original inspiration on the left. My target version on the right (better pic to come, and I'm changing our bedroom color scheme). 
I saved $100 by going with the white Target version. 

Bray's bedding inspiration to the left. My target version on the right. 
I would have spent a $100 for the Land of Nod duvet and a cheap down comforter. Target's comforter cost $16, saving me approximately $84.

My Dining room rug. 
I'm sure everyone who lives within 30 miles of  IKEA owns this piece, but I don't care. I LOVE it and can't wait to see it in my future dining room. 
P.S. the ebay store I bought it from, IKEA concierge, has a couple more available. I bought the last one at her cheaper price, but the current listings are not much more than mine, and they've been great to work with (so far). 

Cheers to making a house a home on a budget and happy Monday to all!

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