Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Glass-half-full wannabe

Last week was HARD. HAR-RRR-DDD.

Watching my grandma pass away was difficult.

Organizing and packing with a teething babe and a hyper 4 year old pushed me far beyond my limits. How do moms tackle projects around the house while bestowing grace and kindness to their children? I do not know.

Bob was busy at work, then spent his evenings (when we weren't at grandma's) finishing our house and working on our new space. All the while, this emotional wife of his followed closely behind with a screaming baby on her hip, asking every 5 minutes, "are you done yet?" "are you done yet?"

Does it sound like I'm complaining? Because I am.

I'm just not a glass-half-full kind kind of gal, you guys. Which makes stressful situations like last week feel as though the world is ending. I wish I was. I pray God makes me one someday, but instead I'm left to be an intense, dramatic, idealistic,  3/4 of an introvert mess.  Now, who wants to be my friend? Kidding. I'm actually not a very good one. It's the whole being an introvert thing. Anyhow. I spent a good portion of last week feeling guilty for being so stressed and grumpy. Then I was reminded by my church family that I'm a work in progress who needs to stop focusing on the self-made standards of who I wished I was. Instead, I need to turn my eyes to Him and who He is. There's a lot to learn about this Creator of mine. And, it's in light of Him, the lengths He's gone to rescue His people, and His promises to us that I want to live (and ultimately be changed). Not in the shadow of man-made expectations and standards.

Besides, glass-half-full people get grumpy and yell too, right?

Ezekiel toast, crunchy PB, and eggs cooked in coconut oil. 
A pregnancy fav. 

A fitted sheet, grandpa? You're adorable. 

Bob made the kids chocolate chip pancakes before he left for work one morning.  Which is totally doable when you're children rise at 6 freakin 30. 

Avery's smile is both hideous and the cutest thing I've ever seen. 

Shower guests.

My delicious breakfast from the hubs. 
And yes, PB goes on everything. 

Project decorate envelopes. 
Because the amount of cartoons and games they've played has surely killed half of their creative brain cells. (And we packed all other art supplies). 

Teething has been painful this week so snuggles in the rocker were a must.

Girl time.

Bob and I grabbed breakfast on our way into work from a local shop. The shop owner's signage was an  obvious instagram must. 

We battled a house full of bad attitudes with chocolate chip banana bread and chicken caprese pasta. 

 Chats with this guy while sis sleeps has become a highlight of my day. 

32 week belly and the grimy drink destroyer. 
This is my second glass due to dirty paws over there.

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