Wednesday, August 21, 2013


We have 2.5 weeks before we move. 2.5 weeks!
We haven't nailed down where we're going to live in the interim, but thankfully we have options.
We have found a house we like, but we need to sit down with the contractor and discuss details to ensure it's do-able.

Unfortunately, we're at the mercy of other's schedules, which is why we don't have answers to our big questions.  But, I do have my to-do lists ready and it's time to begin executing.

SO, I'm moving forward with a garage sale this weekend. Getting my craigslist items listed. Tagging consignment baby clothes for the upcoming Oct sale. Phase one of packing will begin soon. And phone calls to our service providers will be made by next week's end.

Thankfully, I'm feeling great in my pregnancy, which I'm confident is God's kindness to me during this busy season.  

My little introverted son.
"Mom, I'm so tired. Everyday I play with so many people."

Seriously. I love her.

Braydon's first Chiefs game.
My family had season tickets growing up, so this was a fun family memory to introduce my son to.

We had a little fun money this month, so I went to Target BY MYSELF and came home with these.

Bedtime continues to be the source of many tears. Both for Bray and us. He's currently on Melatonin and we've tried every other method recommended, except putting a TV in his room. Personally, that's something I don't want to do, but we strongly considered it out of sheer desperation.
 I'm hopeful having his brother in the same room will calm him down a bit. Otherwise, we may give the TV a try or I'll embrace the hard reality that we will not see a full night's rest for another 15 years.
We did try his mattress on our floor this week. It didn't help.
So we got him a "big boy" bed per his request.  He lasted one hour. But I must say, that was a beautiful hour.

Thanks to a sale at our local natural food store (and their 5% off card) I decided to give this combo a try. So far so good!

My little morning monkey's watching Sofia the First.
We love Sofia.

Avery contracted strep from an infection on her leg, so we opt'd to follow doctor's orders and give her an antibiotic. We aren't huge fans of giving antibiotics (praise God for the option), but when we have to, we usually accompany the medicine with the following:  Probiotics, A Goat's milk combo to help decrease mucus production, and Silver for her topical infection and diaper rash.

Chicken, carrot, potato, kale soup.
Is it fall yet?

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