Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Avery's doll of choice is Leonardo. 
She pats him, sh-shush's him, and covers him with her blankie. 
I love it.

I could eat these things like candy they're so sweet. 

Hot ham and cheese sandwiches with salad. A typical lunch these days. And the occasional dinner. 
Between our busy schedule and my third trimester moods, I'm just impressed we aren't living off PB & J. 

I came across this gem as I was going through Bray's clothes bins, looking for items that baby boy can wear. It's hard to believe in a few months (Lord willing) a little human will occupy this. 

Bray can put together quite the outfit.

 My 10 yr high school reunion was a blast!

Well. Isn't that sweet. 

I made the best pizza the other night. It was a little sweet for the husband, but goodness, my taste buds were sure bursting. Here's the recipe. 

When I first had Bray fold his own laundry I thought the right side of my brain was going to explode. After months of messy fold jobs and keeping my mouth shut, he's really getting the hang of it! 

Lover of yogurt. 

I couldn't have two more different kids when it comes to sleep. One has two hour melt downs at the start of bedtime and wakes up approx a million times each night. The other, when asked if she's ready for bed, nods her head yes and walks to her crib. 
All I can say is, thank you Jesus. 

This week has been heavy, hard, rewarding, and full of potential. 
My time with the Lord has been sweet, longer than usual, and oh so necessary. 

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