Friday, August 9, 2013

New House Ideas and Project Clean Sweep 2.0

Things are moving along, folks! And, my excitement is brewing.

We had an inspection on our house yesterday, results revealing a few things the buyer would like fixed, but nothing seems to be a deal breaker. Yay!

While there's still a bit to work through regarding the sale of our house, I can't help but take a moment and give myself permission to dream about our future home. It's friday after all, and BOTH kids are still asleep.

So don't mind me as I sip my coffee in peace and drift off to fantasy land.

Loving the large, white trim, and wall color.

BM- Revere Pewter

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this couch, but it is out of the question. Spending a couple thousand on a couch is not in the cards for us. 

BUT, I did come across this couch from Macy's that has potential. Between my mom's generous Christmas gift and selling our current couch this could work...


Coffee, pastry bar. Absolutely! 
And we already own a beverage refrigerator. 

Signage for our pretend coffee bar.


White cabinets + grey countertops+ white farmhouse sink + island set up = heck yes


I'd like to have a couple open shelves in my kitchen for the jars pictured below. To store flours, sugars, etc. 


Appliance garage! Need I say more? 

I love the color of this dresser for Avery's walls. 

BM- azores

Inspiration for Avery's room. 
I already have a beautiful vintage, coral chair.


I plan to make this headboard for Bob and I's bed. 


New master bedding. 

via in sea spray

While I love everything about this, I'm not sure I'm brave enough for white floors and white grout. 
But I do love me some subway tile.


Baby boy's potential bedding, minus the top quilt. I'm looking into other options for the quilt since the entire set is more than I'd like to spend. 


Rug for the boys room. I'm hoping to find a cheaper version of something similar.

Bray's comforter.
The boys will most likely share a room, regardless of how many bedrooms we have.

While it's SO fun to dream, I'm not naive to how real life works in the renovation world. Ideas are expensive, leaving me doubtful I'll get to execute all of the above. Which is ok. Real life isn't always pinterest worthy. Can I get an amen? But, that's not to say I won't try to do what I can through cheaper, DIY versions, and patience as I shop deals.

I've also decided to sell a lot of our furniture, home decor, and non-necessary baby items- giving us project clean sweep 2.0.

I don't know about you, but a lot of what I have has either been given to me or purchased through deals I couldn't pass up. At this point, I'd rather have fewer items I love than a house full of stuff that's just ok. And, since we will have a chunk of time at Bob's parents where most of our furniture will be in storage, it seems like a good time to phase out the old and prepare for new.

Through my profits from project clean sweep 2.0 I'm hopeful I'll be able to purchase some of the above items for the kids rooms, our new bedding, and make our new headboard. I'm also really tempted to sell our couch, and purchase the Macy's couch. I'm not convinced it's the right time, so I'll probably hold off, but geez, I'm tempted (it's currently on sale with an additional 10% off).

Happy Friday!!

*all photos without a link were taken from my pinterest account, amygib2. The pinterest links did not direct me to the pictured item, which is why I left them out.  

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