Monday, July 15, 2013

Happy Monday

Last week was by far one of my favorite weeks of summer. 

We had a few relaxing family nights at home. 
Berry picked.
Made a family trip to a local coffee shop.
Bob and I went on a date.
Dressed like a cow for food.
Movie night.
Grilled steaks.
Family trip to Costco.
Saturday morning coffee and muffins. 
Game night.

What I loved most was just being together as a family. Our weeks can fill up so quickly and we're still learning what it is to slow down and be intentional when we're all together. A lot of weeks we fail at this, whether it's due to exhaustion or laziness, but last week was not one of those. And I'm so grateful. 

Homemade BBQ pizza
Crust recipe here 
Jammin in her ride, watching the roofers work

Totally sanitary
Bob was thrilled to do this, but it saved us $20! 
While this baby bump has caused the most pain, I'm excited we get to welcome baby boy to our family.

Avery's first trip to Bennetti's
Daddy's stuffed jalapeño magic

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