Saturday, June 1, 2013

This crazy remodel

Our week has been nuts!
We thought we'd be without a toilet for two days. Nope. It ended up being six.
Still no shower and the moment you walk into my house you're aware it's a construction zone.

Baby barricade 

I've swept and mopped my floor's everyday and this is what my socks still look like

Thankfully, our hall bath is almost done, and we should have a shower by tonight. Thank the good Lord.

I do need to give a shout out to my amazing husband. He's worked so hard this week. Not only has he worked on our projects, he had to say good-bye to Grandma Shirley (she passed away a couple days ago), he finished a contract job, and attended a conference at work. The last two or three nights he's not gone to bed before midnight and his attitude amazes me. I would have died by now. Died. But, he's trucking along without a shred of complaining. I hope our kids are like him in this regard, because I for one am not an exemplary role model when it comes to working hard with no sleep.

We did sneak away from our chaos to take the the kids to the SeaLife aquarium and dinner- a definite sanity saver. My mom got us tickets, thanks Mom, and Bray was over the moon. He bounced around the entire aquarium snickering, with his nose scrunched, and hand over his mouth. His usual "I'm so excited" face :)

Our bathrooms have a couple more days of work, as does the rest of our house, before we get it on the market.

So much to do, but we're super excited! I feel like the hard part is done and I just can't wait to clean up this mess and begin the packing and staging process!

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