Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Life despite the dust

I'd be lying if I said our week started out great. 
But, today is a new day. Praise God. 
And I'm determined to embrace the newness of this Tuesday morn. 
I even showered, put something other than yoga pants on, and did my make-up.
It actually feels good to get ready. Perhaps I will make today's efforts a new habit. Perhaps. 

We have one more week of remodeling before listing our house. This means our lives are still a bit out of sorts, and I'm daily cleaning dust off everything. Every.Thing.  Including my bible. Which was in a bag. How does that happen?

I did begin something new last week: Door to Door organics. 
We received our first produce box (small) and I'm LOVING it! 
I wasn't sure how the amount would be, but it's been perfect (I still bought frozen, organic broccoli and Romaine from Costco since we eat a lot of those items. Without them, we would need the medium box).

I also bought Costco's organic chicken breasts for the first time. I spent $60 and it lasted a week and a half. While I know that's not horrible for organic meat, it's still a bit much for our budget. Especially since a large bag of Costco chicken breasts can get us through an entire month and it's only $20. At this point, I'm going to try and do half in half. Half organic meat, half non-organic.  

Because my kitchen is one of the work zones, I've not done great at cooking meals and when I do they're typically not healthy. Quick and easy has been the name of the game.
To avoid a repeat of last week's menu, I made a huge salad with my Door to Door lettuce, spinach, and Costco Romaine. Then I baked 8 chicken breasts. I also purchased a big thing of pesto from Costco and plan to roast some veggies and make whole grain pasta tonight. This way, we can pull a number of ready-made items for our lunches and dinners. 

I also baked banana bread so we have breakfast for a few days. I doubled this recipe, which made the large cake below and two additional bread loaves (which I'll freeze). I must warn you, this banana bread is super moist and delicious, but it is not the healthiest. Switching out whole wheat flour, Agave nectar or Stevia for sugar, and adding ground flax seed would help change that :)

Here's a pic of one of our remodels thus far. 
This used to be the pink, carpet bathroom. All that's left is the bullnose trim. Yay yay! 

We are not huge animal lovers. In fact, I think my husband despises them, so our children are a bit unsure how to interact with said creatures.

Daddy/Baby dance. One day this may happen again, except she will be in white and Daddy will be full of tears.

After playing in the yard and a long bath these cuties were ready for bed. Or should I say, mommy was ready for them to go to bed.

Right after this picture, Avery burned her hand on the oven and dumped a glass of OJ on her lap. That about sums up our Monday.

I always swore I'd never dress my kids in loud, character attire. Then I had children.

Good morning, baby in my belly.

Happy Tuesday!!

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