Friday, June 7, 2013


Dressing his sister in ninja turtle attire has become a daily thing for Bray.  
Sister doesn't stand a chance against his influences. 

Case in point: Her choice companions are Leonardo and screws.

I started a new study by Kathleen Nielson on Isaiah. I'm loving it so far! The history and depth in this book is tantalizing, and I just love how Kathleen structures her studies. She's full of background and forces you to really dig in. 

 Yesterday, Bob took the day off to finish tiling our Master bath. Sissy pants would not leave him alone, and being the good daddy he is, he let her sit on his lap. Love that man.

And this one. This one cracked me up all day.
He too was Daddy's little sidekick, helping cut and lay tile.
He kept walking by me saying, "I'm working with the boys today, mom." So proud of that fact.

I have a feeling the images of Bray following his daddy to the garage for the hundredth time, or watching the two of them bent over tiles, positioning them perfectly, will be burned in my memory forever.

In conclusion, we're making good headway in our remodel! Tomorrow will be a busy day. Finishing touches on the bathrooms will be done, my family is coming to take a couple truckloads to our city dump, and we will clean our backyard- between the weeds, untrimmed bushes, and crazy tall grass you'd think no one lived in our house. Sorry neighbors.

I've also been busy re-organizing our storage area and boxing up all non-necessary items so we can stage our house.

It’s all starting to sink in, this is really happening! Crazy, crazy.

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