Monday, May 27, 2013

Today and our week in pictures

We are in full remodel mode over here. Which means I'm trying hard not to crawl out of my skin as sheetrock dust settles into every crevice and corner of my house. I knew it be this way. We are remodeling two bathrooms at the same time, after all. I just kind of forgot how terrible it feels while it's happening.

We also have no toilets for two days.
Braydon is in peeing heaven as he's found a nice perch off the back porch to "water our bushes." I know. It's gross, but whatev. That's our life right now. Dirty and gross.

We did have a great weekend, before the dirty and gross kicked in.
Bob and I celebrated 6 years of marital bliss and we got some landscaping done. I may have battled a foul attitude at some point, but that's neither here nor there.

Here are some pic's from this weekend and the past week.

Sportin brother's beloved Ninja Turtle goggles. She snagged them while he was napping
Daddy's famous cookies
Bob was out of town. My dinner reflected such

Impromptu water fight with Uncle Kyle
Our last Saturday as neighbors
Chick-fil-a and Home Depot
Thank you, Lowe's for being family-friendly
 preferred toy
"angry eyes"
Anniversary breakfast and my boys refusing to smile. Little stinkers
Blurry pic, I know, but I had to capture this chunk
Rainy Monday morning in the city
Homemade granola about to transform into chewy granola bars
Finished product

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