Wednesday, March 13, 2013


We're still settling into our routine... will sleep schedules ever go back to normal?

Still battling Avery's breathing issues; she starts a round of steriods today- roid rage for Ms. Sassy Pants should be entertaining.

And still longing for Spring...where are you?

This was the first cousin reunion since our sickness.
So many stories to tell one another.

I made a big batch of eggs and veggies for our homemade freezer breakfast burritos.

How did this happen?

I tackled this ridiculousness- minus the broken drawers.
By product of cleaning sister's room...Didn't I just do this?

Homemade deliciousness.
Except I let it rise too long and the top touched the oven coils for a bit. oops.

What a three year old does when he's been cooped up WAY too long.
 Back and forth. Back and forth.

California BLT's with our homemade bread.
So yummy

While doing a craft with Bray I thought I'd let Avery color. After two minutes, she'd eaten half of the crayon. Lesson learned.


Avery's destructive play stage + Bray's meticulous play methods = melt downs all around.
Solution. Let Bray play on top of the dining room table. I tried "teaching" him how to let sis play, but it was pointless after seeing his hysteria and Avery's inability to play without knocking over every guy.

Feeding sissy some of his snack.

Snuggling quickly turned after Avery found Bray's ear.

I finally found a sweet potato recipe Bob likes!

Mommy's quiet time

Dinner guests- Raphael, Donatello, Captain America, and the bat cave to name a few.

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  1. We too are longing for Spring
    I just got to tell you that I loved this post. As I was scrolling through your pics I thought "Wow, a real family". I can so relate to you :)