Friday, March 8, 2013

Sweet baby snuggles and a touch of reality

Despite my disdain for the germs that infected my children, I am grateful I got some good snuggle time during their misfortune. Rocking sis to sleep or snuggling her while we watched Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for the umpteenth time was actually wonderful. Something I didn't realize I missed doing.
Now, I did get tired of it. So don't think every moment holding her was full of oo's and aw's. My butt fell asleep more times than I can count, peeing was a luxury, I commissioned my three year old to pull a chair in the kitchen to get mamma a cup of water (you can imagine how that went), I felt like I needed a bath from all the reality TV I watched, food didn't happen, my back is killing from sitting in that rocker, Bray ate veggie straws way too much, I checked facebook and Instagram every hour, and I may have worn the same yoga pants all week without washing them.
So yes, holding her and giving her tons of kisses while her little body fought the good fight was memorable. But not without a dose of messy reality :)  


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