Thursday, March 14, 2013

St. Paddy's Day

I love St. Patrick's Day!
I think it's so fun to celebrate another culture and partake in their traditions.
Especially when their traditions involve hardy food and beer. Can I get an amen?

Kansas City also has a big St. Paddy's celebration, complete with a parade and lots of yummy vendors. This year, we aren't planning to attend. Sad face. The atmosphere can be a bit rough for the little ones and with Avery at the stage she is we thought it best to stay home and celebrate.

Sooo, here are some ideas I'm throwing around for this weekend.

We of course will have our usual corned beef and cabbage with green mashed potatoes. It's tradition.
Here's the recipe I will use as my base.

I'm thinking of making these Saturday morning. Except I'll use Alton Brown's pancake recipe with green food coloring.


Make this for Sunday morning, before church.
Or prepare Saturday afternoon for Sunday morning, since Sunday mornings tend to be a bit nuts for us.


Possibly this for dessert alongside our corned beef and cabbage.

Or these.


I'd also like to do a little game with Bray. 
During his Sunday afternoon nap I'll throw gold coins all over the living room, mess it up a bit, throw green streamers (?), and hide a little leprechaun (or whatever little figure I find at the dollar store or Target dollar aisle). When he wakes up, I'll tell him a leprechaun snuck into our house and he's hiding somewhere, we must go find him! 
My first grade teacher did something of the like and I remember it being so much fun. Hopefully, Bray thinks so and isn't creeped out that a tiny man is hiding in our house.
I hope you have a great St. Patrick's day!


  1. Have you used your left over corned beef for hash the next day? That is our favorite part of fixing corned beef. YUMMO!

    1. Oh my goodness! I almost forgot about that! We made it a year or two ago and loved it. Thanks for the reminder!